Approach to Therapy


My approach to therapy focuses on integrating multiple psychological theories and is client-centered, meaning I adapt my approach to fit the specific needs of each individual. 

My approach focuses on connecting. I believe our ability to love one another and ourselves can be a great catalyst for change. In counseling sessions I focus on providing a warm compassionate presence which promotes a sense of safety and security within my clients. This sense of security helps clients develop inner trust and the ability to connect with themselves more deeply so that they are more able to access the wisdom of their own hearts. 

The therapeutic relationship often mirrors other important relationships in our lives and many of the dynamics that come up outside of the therapy room also play out within it. For example, if a client feels frequently rejected by people in their lives chances are at some point they will also feel rejected by their therapist. I work directly with interpersonal dynamics such as these. And help clients to chose more useful and authentic ways of interacting. 

My approach focuses on experiencing and honoring feeling states. Our feelings often act as messengers, carrying important information about our internal world. By slowing down and focusing on emotional experiences with mindful attention I help clients listen more deeply to these messages. It is often through this intentional listening that clients become more able to understand and accept themselves. Once self-acceptance is increased, clients often gain clarity and the ability to let go of past hurts, dysfunctional thought processes and behavior patterns. 

My approach focuses on empowering. My job is to help each client find the answers that are already within them by providing tools and resources as well as fostering self-awareness so clients may take action in their lives and begin making life-affirming choices.

My approach focuses on transparency. The process of therapy doesn’t need to be mysterious or confusing. I believe it’s important for my clients to understand the healing process as they go through it. I believe honesty and transparency on the part of the therapist helps to create an emotionally safe environment for the client. In sessions with me, please feel free to ask any questions you may have about me, my experience, my approach, or therapy in general. 

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”
— Lao Tzu