Services & Rates



Individual Counseling 

My focus is on providing in-depth, transformational psychotherapy. My approach is best suited to people who are interested in gaining a greater understanding of themselves and making lasting changes in their lives.

Couples Counseling

I work with couples dealing with a wide variety of  relationship issues and conflicts. I specialize on working with new parents who feel challenged by the intense demands new babies place on them and the impact these demands can have on their romantic partnerships. 

Postpartum Counseling

Postpartum counseling can  take on many forms depending on the specific needs of each client. Therapy sessions may include mother-infant attachment work, couples and/or individual counseling. Please note it is always okay to bring your new baby into sessions with you. While it can sometimes be helpful to come alone, please don't let lack of child care be a barrier to seeking treatment. 

Diversity and Inclusion

I value diversity and inclusion. I gladly offer my services to all people including but not limited to those who identify as part of gender, sexual, racial, or religious minority groups. I understand that discrimination is harmful to all people and can be a barrier to seeking mental health treatment.  I work to maintain awareness of my own inborn privilege and biases and educate myself  about the differential treatment and disadvantages many people experience. My goal is to facilitate a welcoming environment where all people feel safe to share their unique experience with the assurance that their stories will be honored, valued and respected.



Distance Counseling

Provided using online video chat— Whenever possible I recommend in-person counseling. However, sometimes due to location or other factors in-person counseling sessions are not feasible. For those that wish to pursue counseling with me but cannot come in to the office for sessions I offer online counseling. Please feel free to contact me if you have any  questions about distance counseling.

Counseling Rates

My fee is $90.00 for a 55-minute psychotherapy session.

I offer a limited number of reduced rate sessions  for people with financial constraints.

Reduced rates are only available to clients committed to attending weekly therapy sessions. 


Payments are due at the time of your session. Payments can be made using cash, check or credit card. I do not currently accept insurance however my services can be applied to your Health Savings or Flexible Spending Accounts.